Anonymous: I'M VERY SORRY FOR HAVING STARTED THIS I'm not giving Germany back though

There is no need to apologize!

Due to their quantity, most messages pertaining to this subject will likely enjoy the shade and silence of the inbox for the time being.

Hopefully those souls out there seeking to own the existences of personified nations can find solace in consuming large quantities of Hetalia materials - perhaps by purchasing official licensed media and merchandise!

Spending money is always a quality way to relieve boredom and/or stress.


There are presently over 70 character claims in the inbox.

Everyone is very enthusiastic!

Anonymous: what panel is that picture of switzerland from?


The picture in question comes from a collection of doodles by Himaruya, which can be found here!

Anonymous: If people are picking from the lot, I want Switzerland and Hungary, I will make them kiss and they will be my bodyguards


It is probably not advisable to make Switzerland and Hungary - or anyone for that matter - kiss somebody that they do not want to.