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TRNC facts please? ^^


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what is hetalia speciale

The Hetalia Special volumes collect two volumes of the published manga into one!


For example, Speciale 1 collects the contents of Volume 1 and Volume 2 in a volume printed on smaller paper than the original volumes, and Speciale 2 collects volumes 3 and 4 in a likewise fashion. 

A third Speciale volume will be published in the near future collecting volumes 5 and 6.

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In some episodes, how come Italy named himself "Italy Veneciano" (the episode where he sent a letter to Germany for example), and nobody ever pronounce their human names? Also, some France facts would be appreciated, thank you for your work!

Italy is called Italy Veneziano to signify his status as the Northern Italy - that is, the Italy with Venice, as Italy Romano is the Italy with Rome. 

As for the usage of human names, that appears to simply be Himaruya’s personal choice.


For a gag, name Alfred is used in one strip

And in regards to your request - 


Please look forward to some France facts soon!

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Hello, I was wondering if somewhere out there there's an explanation why some siblings don't share the same human surname, for example Italy and Romano share one meanwhile America and Canada have two different ones


In the case of Canada, in an old blog post Himaruya explains that giving Canada the last name “Jones” would be too American!

In general, since most nations do not belong to families in the traditional sense, the use of surnames may perhaps be more liberal. 

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I love this blog~ ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°


Thank you.

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ionlyturnupifmymomsaysso said:

If Greece slobbers a lot, then does that mean he's a bad kisser? Haha just wondering.


Of course, there is nothing wrong with having overactive saliva glands. Affection takes many shapes and forms, and one should not be discouraged by perceived hindrances in certain areas. 

That being said, it is not an entirely endearing thought!

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Concerning collective names, is there an exhaustive list for that?


There are quite a few lists compiling these combo names in various places on the internet, depending on your exact interests!

For example, the Hetalia Wiki has a page listing fan nicknames including a section on group names, and sections on pairing names.

The Pixiv encyclopedia also has pages for Hetalia pair names, trio names and group names.

Various other fan sites and fan pages have gathered collective names; and such pages can, generally, be found through careful and responsible use of one’s search engine of choice!

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jadaclash said:

I roleplay Kugelmugel on google+ any tips?

You could consult the APH Kugelmugel tag to learn some very factual tidbits of information on this eccentric young micronation!

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Pain makes us stronger.

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lovingeverybodytoday said:

Hi OSD! Just wanted to let you know, the strip you used with France saying "The Holy Roman Empire is no more" was actually scrapped, so it has no current place in or out of the canonical plot. I noticed you didn't mention this, so I just wanted to let you know!


Thank you for pointing this out.

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luiza-tanaka said:

I have a question about the relationship of Italy and Germany. They were boyfriends when they are young, right? So, how and why germany and italy forget about this?


What a complicated question!

Although Holy Roman Empire confessed his love to the young Italy and they kissed, it would eventually come to be that Holy Roman Empire was “no more”, as France put it.

We are not given any direct insight into Holy Roman Empire’s final moments.


Many people assume that the boy Italy refers to in Buon San Valentino as his “first love" is Holy Roman Empire, implying that Italy remembers Holy Roman Empire.

Germany is a whole other can of worms!


Germany as we know him is a very young nation, born in the late 19th century, and meeting Itay during WWI. 

Side by side with these facts, many people note similarities between Holy Roman Empire and Germany.


Whether this means that Germany and Holy Roman Empire are the same person, or if it is simply Germanic resemblance, is a contentious topic.

Fans can only theorize, up to the point - if or when - we are give answers to what exactly happened to Holy Roman Empire.


Until then, Holy Roman Empire and Italy’s love story concluded on that fateful day that Holy Roman Empire left for good.

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