Anonymous: Could you explain that Spain fact?

There is some confusion over Spain’s height, due to no solid height being assigned to Spain in canon.

In order to lend some clarity to inquiring minds, fact #0546 gives a reasonable range of distance Spain’s body would cover.

Anonymous: What does feel fall in love for a refrigerator?


Love is magical, no matter where you find it.

For love is precious, and fragile in our harsh world. 

Cherish love.

Whether it is your love for those with whom you share your life, or your love for your hobbies and passions. Whether it is your love for a favorite food, book or movie; whether it is your love for existence, or your love for yourself. 

Reflect on love, and cherish it.

remlitqueen: I have a great idea! Let's get America and Japan to play Five Nights at Freddy's. They'll love it! And I'll love watching them scream. Uh, I mean, watching them play. Yeah. That's what I meant. Since they just love horror and all...

That might be interesting!