Anonymous: I had a discussion with a friend recently about an animal that is more likely to be Vietnam's animal buddy (like China's panda).. Though, we're stuck between a tiger and an elephant. What do you think? :)

An interesting point of contemplation!

Vietnam has three national animals, the tiger, the water buffalo, and the dragon! 

Considering that the tiger is already one of Vietnam’s national animals, it might make sense that she would have a special connection to a tiger friend. 

Thailand, for his part, seems to have something of a monopoly on elephants as well! With his pet elephant Toto, Vietnam owning a different animal might avoid too many elephant jam-ups between their border. 

Anonymous: Fact #0424 can NOT be true, I can't breathe I am laughing too hard

It’s true.


Morgan Freeman even recorded a demo that he sent to the studio, during the period in which Liechtenstein’s voice was being cast. The tape included readings of some of Liechtenstein’s more dramatic lines, which would later appear in Episode 45. 

Unfortunately, the tape was destroyed when an intern spilled coffee on it. Since then, the studio has moved towards consolidating all auditions into digital format. 

Anonymous: Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me what breeds Germany's three dogs are and what they're named? I keep looking for answers but everything I find contradicts something else I've read. Thank you in advance!

It is difficult to know much about Germany’s adorable dogs, as information on these wild creatures is not entirely forthcoming!

What we do know for certain is that Germany’s three dogs are named Berlitz, Aster and Blackie. These names are referred to in Germany’s Hatafutte Parade

However, the only dog whose image has been given a firm name is Berlitz, who is referred to with his name by Japan

The Hetalia wiki states that Berlitz is most commonly believed to be a Golden Retriever or a Hovawart, and his species has never been stated. 

Likewise, the species of Germany’s two remaining dogs have not been stated.They appear to be a Germany Shepard and a Datschund. It is unknown which is called Blackie and which is called Aster.

In any case, it can be certain that Germany is fortunate to have these three adorable dogs; and these dogs are fortunate to have such a loving owner!

Anonymous: Do you remember the facts that said that America and Mexico made a blood pact by accident? What does it mean?....

What happens in Mexico City stays in Mexico City.